About Us

Stone Concept’s initial focus was Stone Concept Holdings Pty Ltd which was a family owned and operated importer and installer of specialized stones & ceramics.

Although Stone Concept Holdings Pty Ltd remains the mother company, in recent years we have created Stone Concept Maintenance Group to take up the need in the Australian market for a dedicated professional service aimed at treatment and maintenance of substandard or non-treated stones, ceramics and porcelains and also the rectification of sub quality installation workmanship in the slab, tile and paving industries.

Stone Concept Maintenance Group is rapidly growing nationally with committed, dedicated teams of managers, trainers, industry advisors, team leaders, application crews and maintenance crews.

Stone Concept has been responsible for quality and innovation in the field of marble, granite and natural stone installations for over 40 years.

The owners and operators of Stone Concept are 3 generations of Italian Stone Masons bringing global experience down to the day-to-day monitoring of the business to insure the highest standard of quality and professionalism is never compromised.

Based on our vast knowledge and the exemplary qualifications of our fully trained staff, Stone Concept has been commissioned to inspect the works of other contractors on a consulting basis to Colin Cass - Director of Techtile Consulting and member of the Australian Tile Council and both the International & Australian Standards Organization.

Bruno Repeti who was born in Follonica (GR) Italy is the owner of Stone Concept and he has taken part in worldwide seminars attended by industry innovators to discuss modern fabrication techniques of marble, granite, ceramic, and limestone. Over the years, Bruno has been invited and attended stone related guest lectures at Randwick TAFE.

Stone Concept played a fundamental role in the design and building of the Qantas First Lounge in the Sydney International Airport for Apex Stone Projects (Melbourne) and Artedomus (Sydney) amongst many other high profile national projects.

Stone Concept Maintenance Group's primary mission is to implement strict quality standards in the application of the finest products and the most effective treatment techniques for stone, ceramic and porcelain applications. Our goal is to extend surface life by encapsulating timeless visual appeal, improving wear longevity and suppressing age degradation.