Water Proofing & Efflorecence Barriers

There are 2 basic common forms of water proofing.......

1) Paint on membrane for waterproofing (liquid waterproofing barrier)

2) Sheet membrane for waterproofing

Most certainly the terrain or surface that requires water proofing, dictates which water proofing application is the most appropriate.
In this article, we focus on the benefits of sheet waterproofing and using the correct profiles to reduce or eliminate installation failure. One of the most critical factors in acheiving effective water insulation is the way the water proof material is applied. If one can reduce or eliminate installation errors, this goes a long way in solving a huge problem in the building and construction industry.
Using a waterproof matting that also acts as a crack suppressor is an added bonus but in the past this methodology has been fraught with some issues, in particularthe sealing of overlap joint due to incorrect or unsuitable waterproofing connection profiles. Semi ridgid profiles such as sealing tapes, internal and external corners and pipe flanges are an integral component of the "water proofing system" as these specialised components allow for visible alert to any potential flaws in the effective joint sealing process. Another safety feature to adopt when applying waterproofing membranes is to use fold up and overlap as a secondary failsafe.
When applied correctly, sheet waterproof mats or sheet warterproof membranes are incredibly effective especially and economically benefitial when one combines the crack insulation properties of this type of product thus reducing and even eliminating the need for future maintenance.  
Water proofing 1
The solution is to insulate the substrate from the applied surface material. This prevents water penetrating through to the underlying surface. If an effective water barrier is used, seepage is eliminated which allows for pooled water to go no further than the sealing membrane. By forming an efferctive water barrier, this allows for evaporation rather than unacceptable seepage. 
Water Proofing Membrane with Crack Suppression Properties
Water proofing 2
Water proofing 3
Water proofing 4
Anti-Efflorescence Matting - Preventing Salt Migration. 3 in one, Water Proofing/Crack Suppression/Efflorescence Barrier.
Efflorescence  1
Efflorescence 3



Efflorescence is a plague......

Almost any building you see today that has not had the correct preparation for efflorescence seepage, dispays ugly white run marks and scars if the direct under surface comprises of a form of mortar which could have ingredients of sand, salt and lime. This unsightly effect is most visable on building facades, stairways and in bathrooms....most efflorescence issues are most previlant where the surface is exposed to  to water such as rain or in wet areas such as swimming pool areas.

This can be almost completely eliminated if a pre glue (adhesive) barrier mat or barrier sheet had been applied.


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