Our 5 Stars Guarantee

  • We guarantee that our QUALITY will never be compromised. We pride ourselves on the fact that during our 40 years in the stone and tile industry, we have had NO complaints, NO retention issues, NO claw back issues, NO negative feedback and NO dissatisfied clients. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our quality of workmanship as well as the quality of the products and solutions we provide.
  • We guarantee that our CONSISTENCY will never fluctuate. Maintaining a consistent level of service and workmanship time and time again simply comes down to having effective controls and quality measures in place. At Stone Concept, all of our projects are supervised by specially trained overseers and we also routinely carry out random audits on many if not most of our projects.
  • We guarantee that our level of KNOWLEDGE will always remain ahead of that of our competitors. We achieve this by routinely rostering all employees including management staff in ongoing training, seminars and workshops. New techniques, innovations and products constantly enter the market and our mandate is to test and compare all alternate samples so we can confidently share our findings with our client base.
  • We guarantee that our EXPERIENCE is unrivalled. With a company background of 3 generations of Italian Stone Masons spanning a combined 115 years of stone and tile experience, there are few companies on earth let alone in Australia that have a foundation based on time, tried and tested practical experience as well as hands on experience. Our experiences are often called upon by other companies in the industry.
  • We guarantee to provide INTEGRITY. We are proud of our lifetime of achievements where we have remained steadfast in our core values which are Fairness, Honesty, Value and above all, Truthfulness. If we are unable to achieve the results you seek, we will tell you, even at the expense of losing your job. We value our clients, not the monetary gains from misrepresentation and false promises.